Please pray for Pam and Robert’s 26 year marriage

Please pray that my husband and I’s marriage will be happy again. Please pray that he will be kinder, and love me like he use to. Please pray that he will understand the pain that I am experiencing with him doing drugs, drinking, pornography, and being on facebook flirting with Tamara, Shareefa, Namoni, Nancy, Debbie, Jan, and any other women. Please pray that God will take away all of these addictions, and please pray for Robert’s soul. Please pray that Jesus will come in his heart, and soften it toward me. Please pray that he will stop being so mean to me. Please open his eyes to see what I am going through with his addictions. Please pray that he will be kinder, and not want a divorce or have another affair. Please take the desire for him not to leave me. Please make him be a better husband to me. I am laying our marriage at God’s feet, and we need healing fast. Please pray for our marriage to be restored, and that we will be happy like we use to be before facebook.. Please pray that he will want to spend time with me, and stop treating me so mean, and open his eyes up what he is doing. Thank you for your prayers.

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