Please pray for our marriage restoration.

by AC (Philly)

This is very urgent. We have now been separated for 11 months, but thankful that the Lord will restore our marriage in HIS time. Thanking the Lord for all he has done in my life the last so many months, bringing me closer to him.

Please pray for my beautiful wife Crystal and I, that God will bless us and our marriage and cover us in his mercy and good grace, softening hearts and minds to HIS will for our marriage. Please pray that our “suddenly” happens and she comes home, or opens up communications. There is another man involved and I would ask your blessings upon him that God will open both of their eyes up to his light and bring them out of the darkness.

We had been promised by God a child named Zechariah, and that this book correlates to our lives. What better book than this? It is all about the rejoining and rebuilding and restoration of Gods people and the temple.

Thank you sincerely for your prayers and we look forward to our restoration for the Glory of God! Amen! May God Bless you this day

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