Please pray for our family to find a new house to live in

by Mj (Innisfil Ontario Canada)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for everything you do for us each and every day. Thank you for your love and support and all the miracles and lessons that you send our way. I would like to ask 3 favors of you today Dearest Father, if I please may. I know that this is a lot to ask for but it is so very important!

The first one is that I ask you to forgive me for the anger that I have in my heart. This anger for the ignorant people that surround us now, with their belittling attitudes and who judge us and know us not. Please dear Lord take this anger from my aching heart and make them understand exactly how hard our lives have been, especially for the children’s sake.

The second is what I have been praying for recently. To help us find a new house to live in. One that is not filled with mold or falling apart and that is large enough for all of us to live in and the third and last request is to find the finances to make it all happen.

Please let the boys and I be accepted immediately for the disability tax credit so that we will have these funds to make this all happen. Then we would also, no longer be surrounded by these fake, ignorant and misguided people whom belittle my poor babies for their disabilities and treat their own children horribly. Thank you dear Lord for your love and Grace. Amen

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