Please pray for myself…for I’ve had too much bad in my life

by Michele (Ohio)

Dear st. Joseph and father the almighty, my life has had many hardships. My brother died when I was in high school, I was in a bad car accident and had to quit college, married my soulmate and had 5 kids. I then got pregnant with twins and carried them until I delivered my boys at 23 weeks. I was over the top overjoyed until I lost my son 3 days later. Since then, my surviving twin is chronically ill and has many special needs…he’s 6 now…

I also had my 8 child as well as…oh…around 10 miscarriages. I was just diagnosed with Sjgren’s syndrome so I’ve sick. My best friend is dying of cancer and to top it off, We’re selling our house to but our dream home…found a buyer and put an offer on the house we want.

Now, right before closing, buyer is backing out. We are financially devastated because of all we put into the house we have to walk away from not to mention everything is packed, the schools in play…everything.

It’s a mess. Please help us find peace in life, courage to carry on an to not be so stressed out. Help us find the right buyer or help the original buyer come through for us. Help ease my heartache and my anxiety.

Help my SN/ill son. Help my husband stay strong and not be so stressed and angry at everyone. Give my best friend courage and let her not be in pain and suffer. Let my moms brain be ok and don’t let her have memory problems…

I as you to help me, pray for us and watch over those I love. Thank you

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