Please pray for my wife and I

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Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you Sir in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved Pastor, my wife and I need prayers. (we are sinners need and we are asking for God’s Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Favor, Deliverance and Blessings.) We cast all our burdens to God. Kindly pray all that concerns us will not be difficult in His hands. Please put our prayers on the altar and pray over it for us. Blessings to you prophet.

My name is Isiaka Alaba Adeniran Adeniji, and my wife’s name is Peace Ekanem-Adeniji. Please pray for us that God will honor our little faith like a mustard seed, keep us in His will, may God covenant cover us, may we receive Devine visitation, prophetic and spiritual gifts, supernatural breakthrough and to always find God’s Devine helpers in all our situations and circumstances and help us to escalate and expedite all our prayers bring us a better change, we praying for my USA citizenship and my wife green to be granted early this year 2022 so that my wife and I can visit Nigeria early in the year to see her aging parents in over 17 years in USA. Kindly pray for open doors for a better job for my wife and I – job with no stress, with better pay, advancements and abundance of promotions. May Almighty God and Lord Jesus continue to make ways for us in the land of the living without limits nor boundaries.

Please pray for our commitment for the Lord’s ministry, our purpose and calling to continue to serve with all our hearts, strength and pleasantness, special unconditional God love for us, fear of the Lord, divine wisdom, knowledge, understanding, patience, transformation, strength, peace and rest of mind, joy of the Lord, miracles and wonders, fulfillment of our purpose and destiny, living in God’s total confidence and abundance, may God let our destiny helpers locate us, may God light of Constance shine on us, His protection, safety, provisions, prosperity, our financial stability, freedom, liberty and peace with abundance of riches and wealth for the Glory of our God and Lord Jesus Christ, may God continue to take us higher to a new level, permanent supernatural healing in our spiritual, physical and mortal bodies from the crown of our heads to the soul of our feet’s – heal me from impotency and my wife from barrenness, may God bless us with intimate sexual relationship, may God make us to be fruitful and multiply, to bear healthy sons and daughters that they will be in their right mind, well mannered, educated and to use their talents to serve God, love God and their parents, siblings and relatives, glorify and bless God with all we and our children are blessed with and use them to make the world a better place; may God make us and our children a head and leaders, we will not be a tail nor followers. Kindly pray for our supernatural break through and deliverance from doubt, debts, fear, limitations, worries, stress, anxiety, mental health, depression, frustrations, denial, delay, devourer, disappointment, failure, we will not fall sick, we will not die untimely deaths and all members of our families and relatives, deliverance from strong hold of enemies, from generational sins and causes of our father and mother family, deliverance from bondage, stagnation, obstacles, hindrances, poverty, pain, trouble, sorrow. May God of vengeance, mercy, miracle fight our battles and won it for us.

The world is full of evil and hates. Please help us to pray for world peace and unity. May our God and Lord give us the heart to love each other regardless of race, color, ethnicity or nationality and to see good in one another, help us to be our brothers and sisters keeper, be a blessing to them. May Almighty God help us to join our faith, hearts and hands to warship Him in this world for His mercy sake.

Please pray for our supernatural protection, safety, provisions, supernatural divine healing for us and all our extended family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and those we know and do not know, divine break through, divine power, grace, mercy, favor in abundance, may God fresh anointing be upon us, give us abundance of progress, may we be productive in every areas of our lives, turn our lives around to be better, may the Grace of our God and Lord move heaven and earth, go above and beyond for us, may God work vigorously and victoriously for us, may God bless us with His better than best more than we can ever imagine always, may God soak us in the precious blood of Jesus always and be our shield, strong tower and never depart the presence of our Lord, that God will not leave nor forsake us, we will not surfer nor beg for bread, we will not lack in the land of the living, may our God and Lord listen, hear and grant all our prayers in God’s matchless Power, Grace, Mercy, Will, Ways, Methods and Appointed Time, may God never leave any stone unturned, may God allow our faith to continue to anchor in our Lord Jesus Christ. May the meditation of our mouths and hearts be acceptable to God and all we are praying for be granted and come to pass in our lives in the Precious, Perfect and Powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Our God and Lord Jesus Christ, we appreciate and thank You.

Sir Pastor, we thank you, words cannot express our gratitude, we appreciate you and blessings to you in Jesus Christ Matchless name, Amen.

Humbly with all due respect,

Brother I. A. Adeniran Adeniji and wife Sister Peace Ekanem – Adeniji.

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