Please pray for my sweet little dog…

by Amie (USA)

Dear God,

She is the sweetest little dog. She has brought so many smiles to so many people and has filled my world with so much joy. She has taught me great kindness and has given me the most beautiful comfort for the last 11 years. Please heal her and help her feel better. She adds so much beauty to this world, she’s brave and strong, so gracious and kind. She’s a fighter and I’m going to fight with her. Please God hear my voice. I love her so very dearly. Please pray for her health. She is my best friend, my heart and soul are so thankful you gave her to me Lord. Her pretty little face saved me everytime I’ve ever felt down, her beautiful spirit makes me laugh, smile, and enjoy every single day.

Dear Lord I ask you to please heal her from her current illness. I’m forever grateful to you for bringing her to me.

Thank you so much God for listening to me.

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