Please pray for my strength to go on..

by Julie (Illinois)

please lord help me to keep the faith and strength to continue on in my life. I have done something unforgivable and need prayers for my family too. Just as I feel I can get through another day, I’m knocked back down to feeling I can’t go on anymore. I have two children and a mom who need me. My husband will be leaving me soon im sure.

Thank you for blessing me with my children, but please protect them every day. I really do want to continue, but am feeling so helpless and sad right now. Lift me up Lord so I may follow in your path.
In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. im praying for you too julie be assured the Lord IS listening and is beside you always


    I too am a lot like you as i often feel like i make progress then fall back, i have learned recently, that it’s those fall. backs that the Lord is with us and prevalent in our lives, for we are still here and still going. Slow maybe,but going. I will be praying for you and your family and that your husbands heart be filled with with the holy spirit and great love for you and your children and that he will remain with you and them.Remember, make the Lord your rock and things WILL turn out better than you could imagine. There’s a lesson here and the sooner we let “him” show us the sooner we learn. The better off we will be.

    Your friend in Christ,

    Jenny from Maryland

    Ps NOTHING is unforgiveable!

  2. Faith

    Good morning Julie

    My prayers are with you and your


    Please go to church each Sunday

    Please go to reconciliation don’t

    Worry how to start just tell the Priest

    He will help you how to say the words

    Go the Jesus needs you also!

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