Please pray for my son

Please help me pray for my son Aron. He is a heroin addict and has been on drugs for about 15 years now. He had a 5 year old daughter who he has not seen in 4 years. He lives on the streets because he doesn”t want to live with family members because he always goes back to the drug. He has found a place in the homeless drug community and it is dangerous as they steal from each other and are violent. He has had his ribs broken many times from other people on the streets have beat him up. He has tried to quit so many times and has nearly died many times from tying to overdose on the drugs and infections that are associated with needle drug use. I’m terrified he will die. I don’t think he is saved as I have discussed Jesus Christ with him but he isn’t receptive. I know nothing is too difficult for God! Please join me in prayer that my son be healed of all his addictions, that the Lord will protect him, and that he becomes a good father to his child and feel the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your help! God Bless you

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