Please pray for my son Jayden to do go in school, to love/like himself

by Angela (Orlando, FL)

Please pray for my son Jayden to do go in school, to love/like himself and to make good grades. He grew up with no father, but he’s sad all the time.I pray for change in life this year so he can be successful and graduate come 2019. I’m afraid he may flunk out of school. My heart is heavy for him because he stays locked in his room and he feels useless, he’s mean, and unhappy, he also rebels big time to the point that I want him out at 15yr old. I’m so lost. I, myself, his mom, needs help, support and some good friends in my life. Our life consists of being house bound and it’s depressing. I’m 38 yrs old, single with no friends. I lived a life of hell and unhappiness for many years. I sing in my local church, but there is not much support that i get there neither. Everyone is all for themselves. And not really caring. I’m also asking for God’s provision. I just need something to change for the better in my life. I need uplifting, support, love, and clarity. I also need friends I can lean on in times of loneliness as well as my son; he has no friends. Please pray for us. We need it. THANKS!

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  1. Dearest Heart and Jayden

    Angela. My prayers are with you now. You need to change your Church and find one supportive. It does’nt matter what denomination. Baptist Anglican. catholic as long as they worship
    Christ the son of god. Read your bible and pray daily. Remember that our fight is not against flesh snd blood but against satan. I have bee where you are and i won my son back by walking in love and trusting in God.

  2. Faith

    My prayers are with you and your son!
    Not sure what Faith you are but if your church
    And it’s members are distant and uncaring
    You may need to go to another church
    Or talk to the Pastor
    Are you Catholic? It should not matter your faith
    Each church is the Lord’s house if not Catholic
    Go to a Catholic Church anyway The church supports various
    Local charities from feeding the poor to pregnant
    Teens they have many ministries that one can volunteer
    For and then you make friends
    See what the church is about talk to one of the
    Your Son needs to go to church with you
    Please pray to Jesus to guide you and then take
    The step knowing he is by your side

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