Please pray for my son he has a mental illness also ADHD

by Michelle (Saginaw,Mi)

Please pray for my son he has a mental illness also ADHD but he refused to get help. Most of the time he is full of anger and also depressed.He takes it out on his family daily with verbal abuse .He has problems with his temper also many other issues I just want him to be successful and stop hanging with the wrong crowd give up drinking and smoking and give his life to Christ.I have recently took my daughter to the hospital because she was bleeding out of her mouth. The doctors couldn’t seem to figure out what caused it please pray she will be ok.She is also having a problem at school she had has a record which was unjustified and put in her school file.Pray that that it gets removed asap and the situation gets resolved she is a all A student.Pray for my dad’s health he has COPD problems breathing always out of breath.I also wish he will start back coming to church and give his life to Christ.Pray for my health I have issues with my back and possible carpal tunnel.I have numbness in my fingers and hands especially the middle finger on the right hand.I have numbness and tingling constantly and also in my sleep Its getting worse.Pray I find a part time job also pray my social security go threw because I am struggling financially I need to provide for myself and my kids. Thank you in advance for your prayers and God Bless everyone.

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