Please pray for my relationship to be mended and repaired

Please Lord Jesus i cant do this on my own i need your help and your power i left everything behind my job my friends moved my kids with me to start this new life with the man i believe you brought back into my life the man im supposed to marry since we have been here he constantly accuses me of cheating while hes at work lying to him being sneaky i have never given him one reason to think this he says its because of his past i have gotten him to start going to church and give up drinking and cigarettes he did it hes on steroids i believe and it changes his personality now he dosesn’t want to try anymore part of the time says its easier when hes alone he doesn’t have to worry about anyone besides himself i know its the enemy trying to separate us i love this man so much hes everything i have ever wanted hes so good to my kids a sweet kind man i don’t want to lose him please father GOD restore our relationship in Jesus name amen