Please pray for my partner’s legal situation for victory and finalisation asap – desperate to be reunited

by Christine (Perth, Australia)

Please dear fellow brothers and sisters of christ please pray for my partner who has been facing a very difficult legal situation for favour and victory over this court case for it to draw to an end asap please and that all parties negotiate favourably out of court asap. Please pray for this to be resolved by May 10th 2011 and that there is victory. Please pray for a favourable outcome so he can be here with me and his son. Please pray in agreement that all will be resolved by May 2011 and we will see victory and favour and that he will see the glory of god in this situation that has been a nightmare but god has used it for his glory and goodness. Please pray that god protection over him in this time, every door from his past shut, please pray for his strenght until release being in May 2011. In jesus mighty name I declare this done. God bless,