Please Pray For My Parents To Rediscover Love & Forgiveness & Avoid Divorce

Dear Lord, I ask that You hear my prayers, and those of our family and friends, and intercede in the troubled marriage of my parents. For years, they have struggled to maintain peace in their relationship and overcome the many disappointment, hurtful words and bitter arguments they’ve endured. Yet, I know there is love between them. I believe that sometimes, each one is too afraid to show the other how much they still love and care for fear of ridicule or harsh words or disbelief of how genuine the words are. Talk of divorce is very frequent and has been for years. Barely a day goes by where there is not arguing or hurtful comments. But yet, each will make an effort at times to be caring. I pray you hear the prayers I have prayed to St. Rita and others to open their hearts to one another and show them how to forgive. Please help their happiest days as husband and wife to still be ahead. And please accept prayers for them from anyone on this site gracious to keep them in prayer. In Your Name, Lord. Amen.

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