Please pray for my only child

by M (Rodeo)

Dear Lord,

Please help my daughter get away and stay away from her abusive boyfriend. He beats her and berates her both verbally and emotional. He has brought harm to her and her family. He threatens her/our lives daily. The law will not help. He says if we call the police her will kill her mother ( me) or have someone harm her. He threatens to cast witchcraft spells on us. He is dangerous to our family. I pray for him in front of you, begging. Please bless him and send him away from us all. I wish him no harm. Just please send him away and deem him powerless to harm my daughter/us any more. Ever again. Please Lord I beg you! Please bless my child. Help her get away alive and unharmed. Keep us all protected. Thank you lord Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen

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