Please pray for my new business opportunities

by Christy (Pittsburgh Pa)

Please pray for my new business opportunities! Let me be a good rule model to my team. Please let me help other’s by accplashing there goals. But in the mean time let them help me build my business and work hard. Help me find 5 distributors with in the next couple days.

Let them secced in this business and find there loyal customers And distributors with in week’s of this new opportunity. Let me be able to support my family financially. Bless me to be making 2,000-6,000 monthly hitting double diamond. With in months. Let me be home with my baby boy to see his milestones. Bless the girls on my team and let them be hard working. God bless my son. Keep sickness and harm away from him. Let him grow sweet,happy,loving,caring,smart,kind and more. Please pray for my boyfriend and I let us because closer,best friends soul mates. Let are love grow. In the name of Jesus. Amen

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