Please Pray for my mother

by Teresa (Oviedo Fl)

My mother is Norma she went to the er because she couldn’t stop belching and vomiting. Her vomit was bile. The color was very dark and the odor l will never forget. They put ng tube in her nose to her tummy. Admitted her to the hospital. Ran Ct and mr . Next day they did emergency surgery she had abowel obstruction. A piece of her intestines died off no blood supply. Operation was 5 hours. She was never able to have a BM she would vomit couldn’t tolerate soft liquids they would insert the tube and start over many many times . Her bowels went to sleep illus. Second operation 2 hours she had an adhesion and twisted bowel 30 days in the hospital. I stayed night and day. They sent her to rehab after only being on low fiber diet. She clearly wasn’t ready. Her bowels were being over medically induced. She stayed in rehab for16 days. She was on a drug called raglan to stimulate her bowels. It was horrible. I thought she had a stroke her face was crooked she would drool she couldn’t talk etc. I insisted they take her off of it. She has came such a long was strengthing trying to walk tolerating food. But no bowel movement. I’m begging you god from the bottom of my heart please help my mother Norma Bryan.please god putting your healing hand on moms bowels and let them work. I can help her to walk regain her strength I will help her any way I can. I just need your help god please. Thank you for everything you’ve done. She’s 80 years old.

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