Please Pray for my Mother who has been I’ll for over a Year now

by Robert (Honolulu, Hawaii)

My Mother’s illness started offf with an abdominal pain. Her Doctor said she had ulcer so she was provided medication for it, at the same time my Mother lost her appetite where she lost approximately 30 lbs; she’s now at about 98 lbs.

The Doctors never seem to be concern about her nutrients. The Doctors performed numerous procedures but could not pinpoint her illness. Just last month another MRI/CT scan was performed, and a Mass was seen at the pancreas and stomach area.

Just yesterday, 6 Nov 2012, my Mother was complaining of neck pain on her left side; CT scan was again performed. The Doctors insist she has cancer but the test performed was negative for cancer. Her problem is her digestive system doesn’t digest food becease of blockage from the Mass found; so the Doctors said.

Please Pray for my Mother for a full recovery.

Thank You to Everyone. Nothing is impossible with our Lord Jesus Christ.