Please Pray for my Mom

by Martina (Canada)

Dear Lord,

please grant my family a miracle, that my mom does not have cancer. Please if she does, heal her soon and let her grow to an old age with my father. Dear God, please help my mother. She is your biggest believer and has always had faith in you, and loves you more than anything in this world. Please help her through this hardship and please take away all the cancer from her body. I implore you Dear Lord, make her better. I have taken her and my family for granted and I realize that – I want to receive another chance to be a better person. I will not gossip. I will not treat my parents or family members with disrespect. This I promise you. I promise you. Just please, heal my mother.

Dear God,
I trust in you.
I believe in you.
I have faith in you.
I adore you.
I love you.