Please Pray for my mom who got renal dysfunction

by Priya (India)

My mom was having high blood pressure all her life. Few years back we got to know the real cause behind that. It was polycystic kidney. Even with all these problems she was delivering all her duties and enjoying her life.

But meanwhile her disease affected her kidneys . So her condition started getting worse from last year though she was leading everyday life. But this year in the month of May she got high fever along with urinary infection. Her hemoglobin level was at 4! Kidney also was not functioning properly. She had to admitted to hospital. After 21 day stay at the hospital she was discharged. But she was very weak. Now she is better than previous. But dialysis continues for every week and she also having high blood pressure.

We are very worried. I as a child want her to give every joy as I have started working now. But I feel depressed. Even she thinks she will not live up to seeing my kids and family grow.

But I know God its not your plan for her. Please don’t take more time to reveal your plan. I just want her to be fit and fine. I believe that you are going to cure if you think it is right for her. Thank you god.

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