Please pray for my mom to overcome cancer and heal her body that is in pain

by Krista Alfaro (Stockton, CA, San Joaquin)

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you with all I have, I come to you as your child who is reaching out for ur hand Lord. I don’t do this often but I was always taught that prayer is very powerful and I am just so lost in what to do. My family needs you Lord Jesus, my mom needs you Lord God.

As you know my mom is terribly sick right now and is in so much pain. She is in remission from cancer but she can not walk now. Her legs are so weak as her body and is just getting worse everyday. It is extremely hard to see my mom this way. She has always followed you and your path Lord God and has taught and raised her kids through your word. She always does so much to see people smile and has dedicated herself to teaching young ones about you Lord. My mom doesn’t really ask much from others so I am asking please heal my mom Lord God. She is so young, 54, and my son needs her Lord, her family needs her Lord, I need her Lord. Please don’t take her yet God, please.
I love you Jesus and through you I know all things are possible.


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