please pray for my marriage. my husband and I have been fighting a lot lately

by Suementa (Bequia,ST.Vincent And The Grenadines)

please pray for my marriage. my husband and I have been fighting a lot lately and I believe he is thinking of getting a divorce.i believe one of his sisters is behind this.ever since we start the construction of our house his sisters keep bringing dreams to him about our house and deceiving him and telling him people throw and plant things associated with witchcraft on his land.his sisters are highly involved in witchcraft and they told him he have to plant something on his land to remove the spell ever since his sisters plant whatever it was on our home,we started getting the most problem to start the construction of our home once again.everytime we try to make a start is always something going wrong that we can never start.and now its our marriage within myself I believe its my husband sisters behind this.they are using some form of witchcraft to separate us ,I have been praying praying for years for our marriage and to be delivered from my husband sisters,but the one who practices witchcraft is so involved in my husband life that I just don’t know how to get out of her please I am begging pray for my husband Isaac stowe that god will deliver him from the works and the hold of witchcraft and from his sister ties its like she have him under a mind controlling spell.she is too involved in our marriage.please pray for us,our three children and our marriage and so that we can be delivered far away from my husband sisters please I need a miracle right now please pray for my family please.