Please pray for my love of my life to come back!


I was with my girlfriend for almost 2.5 years. Over those years I suffered from migraines. These migraines made me irritable, and I wanted to be alone at times to see if they would go away. I left my girl lonely and that hurt her to no end.

I had doctors tell me everything and I was confused. One doctor told me I was bipolar. I believed it, and took the medication recommended. I was put on a med that changed me.

I thought this was my life. Melissa, my gf seen the change in me and we went ring shopping, and were going to live together and start out lives together! After 3 weeks of being on this med, it started to backfire on me and the meds went against me. I was hopeless and confussed. I talked to Melissa and mentioned I’m not sure what’s going on but I don’t think it’s proper that we move in together this soon until I take care of my health. I loved her and just wanted the best for us! she at that point left me and cut off all contact with me. Changed her number and won’t return emails. After this I continued to see doctors.

Psychiatrists, neurologists and with their help I found out I’m not bipolar and that I just get migraines that are easily managed now. I’m upset because the meds that I was told to take were lethal to me and they wrecked my life. How do I get Melissa to understand that I’m the guy she fell in love with? I’m healthy and fine now. We were planning on a wedding. I love this girl so deeply and I pray that one day she will contact me!