Please pray for my life & Lord please hear our prayers!

by Barbara (California)

Lord I pray in your name to remove all my cancer & life threatening illness out of my body & allow me to grow to be an old, old woman. I pray to you Lord to please give me extra support during all my cancer testing, my heart test, the test results, & to one day feel safe to go to a doctors appointment & not be afraid that the cancer has returned. I pray in your name Lord that the 4mm spot in my lung has not grown & that the bone cancer did not spread, & is confirmed accurately to not be any cancer or any life threatening disease. I pray in your name Lord that the 2cm growth on my thyroid is not a new cancer, and is confirmed accurately that it is not cancer or a life threatening disease. I pray to you Lord that there is no life threatening illness or disease with my heart.

I pray to you Lord that you heal me of any cancer or life threatening problems. I thank you for taking the cancer away after my leg was removed in 2010, but I am so scared & worried that the chemo didn’t get rid of all the cancer cells. So I pray to you Lord to again use your mighty power to remove all the cancer in my body forever. I pray to you Lord that you allow me to grow up to become an old, old woman after becoming a better Christian so that in a real long time on earth you will welcome me into your Kingdom with open arms, forever & ever. I pray in your name Lord that I’m here to do all the special things with my kids (college graduations, weddings, births of their babies), to be the special grandmother & do all the wonderful things with my grand kids (try & have them as many days as I can, special outings, family days, & slumber parties), & even my great grand kids if you allow me to live that long. I pray to you Lord that you can get Social Security Disability to approve my case, not because I am dying but because of all my other medical problems that prevent me from working & really doing much more than going to doctors. I pray Lord that you can get them to approve the disability as soon as possible so we do not have to take money out of our retirement savings every month to cover the bills & all my medical bills too & if possible Lord if they can just approve it without me going in front of a judge. The whole applying & keeping to get denied when i can not work at all & then this adds to my stress, depression, anxiety, & keeps making my stomach hurting more/getting sick. I dont know how i would be able to go in front of a judge unless they ca do very short Q&As then have a place i can lay down, aside from the car ride there & back & thd burden of having a driver have to wait for me since i still cant drive with my medication. I pray to you Lord that you allow me to start really living, I’ve been so afraid of someone in my family dying or that we will lose our house if we do thing so we have mostly been on a few family vacations my dad paid for & going out to dinner as our fun things to do in life. I have held my family back & deprived them, & myself, of really enjoying the life that you have given us. I pray to you lord that you can give me a 2nd chance & allow the family some fun things to show what living is. I have been so happy with my family & I thank you so much for them but I have been so scarred of death & not getting enough time with them. So i pray Lord that you make my fears go away & allow us the time & means to live & enjoy the life you gave us all & for a very long time. I pray that I will be able to pay off my house & travel & do all the things I’ve prevented my family from doing so that we can save for our future & be fiscally responsible. I pray to you Lord to let me live & do so many things I kept putting off for tomorrow. I really should have lived like it was my last day, so I pray to you Lord if you could please allow me at least as many days as you have already given me & so many more. I pray that you forgive of all my sins. I pray that you continue to watch over & protect my family. I pray to you Lord that as you heal my body, mind, & soul that I’m allowed to become the foster parent I’ve always wanted to be, to show those children the love they need. I pray to be a foster parent for the kittens & dogs so that some can be saved from being killed. I would love to fundraise so there could be a cure for all cancers & I would love to be able to find a way to lower the numbers of dogs & cats tortured & killed & work on getting as many pets spayed & neutered, especially strays & then hopefully finding them homes. I pray to you Lord to please heal me of the cancer & any life threatening illness. If you don’t heal the other medical problems please get my SSD approved then even though I won’t be able to do everything I would love to do I can at least be here for my family & at least find something i could volunteer for that physically I can do, even if I just make phone calls or find people to do the work. I pray to you that you let me live so that I can do the things I have dreamed if & I still don’t feel that I have done enough good or helped enough people that I am ready to go to your Kingdom. I know there are a lot more people more deserving than myself to have you heal me & save my life but I pray to you Lord that you will heal & save me. I love you Lord & I thank you for everything I have been given & I pray I can be given even more good in my hopefully long life with all my family. Lord I pray to you that you feel how scared I am & that you can answer my prayers to live a long life. Lord please hear my prayers!