Please pray for my husband…

by Marissa (Louisiana)

My husband has been incarcerated 4 and a half months now and his court date is approaching. It’s February 29th so we’re hoping that’s a sign of good luck but I’m asking for everyone to pray that his charges get reduced and he comes home soon so my family can be back together again. He is the provider for our family and he is truly an amazing person/husband/father.

We all make mistakes but I need him home to go back to work and provide our kids with the life they deserve-and plus we really miss him so much-me and our 3 beautiful angels, 2 girls and a brand new baby boy. Please pray for his charges to get reduced n him to get released so he can come back home. I can’t do this without him-my kids need their father back. Thank you all so much and bless you all too!

My Prayer
I feel a tear run down my face
As I sit in this quiet lonely place
I think of you and need you here
I wipe away my falling tear
I hit the floor on bended knee
I ask, I beg, I start to plead
Please bring him home
God, no longer do I want to be alone
Is there an Angel you could send to us
And give us a miracle, in God I trust
He’s done enough time, he needs to be free
Please God, bring him home to me
We believe in love, I believe in you
Please God is there something you could do
I’ll make it up to you, God, you know I will
I’ll be good and honest, grateful and true
So please send us an Angel, is all I ask of you
I’ll say this prayer each and every day
Until he is in my arms and home to stay

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