Please pray for my husband Ben

by Emily (Plymouth, MN)

My husband has had a lot of stress and anxiety at work this week. I pray that the Lord will help ease the nervousness that has caused him so much stress. He really likes his job and wants it to work out. This is a new job for him and he really likes it. It has been a stressful week for him, and I ask the Lord to work with Ben to ease his anxiety.

He has had a tough time lately finding his career path, and I pray Lord that you continue to guide him and bless him with success and prosperity. I pray that you work through his boss and coworkers, so Ben can feel more at ease about his job. Help him keep this job for a long time.

I pray that you bring lots of opportunities his way and help him prosper in his new job. I trust you and have faith in you that you will help him succeed each day at work.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of this job, and I just pray that you help him succeed each day.

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