Please pray for my husband and I.

by Kathy G. (Abita Springs , La.)

Please pray for my husband and I. We are living with our daughter and her family. Due to husband’s disabilities.

We have lost.our home. Recently we have been approved for an apt. Nearby so as to be near grandkids and help and church and husbands Drs.. now we wait on vacancy of the apt.. maybe early summer they say. In mean time we help here in house and take care of kids during the day. This is in return for our living here. I used to watch/keep kids at our house and was paid. When husband started getting S.S. cks. My pay stopped; as we live here now. This is so hard on us all.

No matter if we stay in our room or while their at work do chores it seems it’s never good enough or right. So please pray we get our apt. Soon. And now she is expecting her 3rd child. Due in Sept. Which we.hope to be able to help with. She wants to stay home but needs us to care for kids money wise.. this is soo hard. We are big in our church and have been criticized some on that. She attends church some with kids so please pray for us all.

I keep turning my cheeks as to not cause anymore. Trouble. Plus that’s what we are to do and then pray and give it to God. It’s his will and way and time not of ours. Thank you for your time. May God Bless You!! Kathy G.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Kathy G
    My prayers are with you ! and your family
    And your very good husband

    You are a good Morher !

    I know it is hard seems like Jesus has left Us
    But I know he is always by our side and he will
    Not let us down

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