Please Pray for my Husband

by Lillian Hughes ()

Hello, my husband needs fervent prayer for healing.

He is an older man, there is a difference in our ages. But he told me his family health history is extremely good and all his make relatives had long lifespans. In fact, my family health history is such that I could well have been the first one to pass away.

However, four or five years ago he lost a tooth. We have never been able to afford health insurance, as he is self employed and our customers don’t have a whole lot of money either. So we were directed by an acquaintance to a dental clinic with a sliding fee scale. They told my husband all his teeth needed to go and we had to buy a full set of dentures. He was never happy with them, and starting late last year his eating got less and less.

Early last year he fell and broke his arm, and we discovered local doctors are not interested in treating patients with no insurance. Then early this year he said his dentures were no good at all. We found ourselves at the same clinic with a new set of dentures, but he says they don’t work at all. So now he is on a very restricted list of soft foods. To make matters worse, he is extremely persnickety about foods – everything has to look, taste, smell and feel a certain way or he won’t eat it or even taste it.

Then early this month we attended a large rally north of us, and it was bitterly cold. We were both shivering and left the event early. He developed symptoms of a urinary infection. He refuses to take medication, not even over the counter medication, so we are left with herbs and supplements and home remedies to treat him. He is refusing to take nourishment and gets very upset when I try to get him to eat.

I am scared I am going to lose him. He sleeps almost all day and has trouble staying awake. I don’t know how I can handle taking care of final expenses, transitioning accounts and all the other things that need to be done. But most importantly, I love him and I don’t want to lose him. I have prayed over him weeping but it makes no difference to him. I know he is saved and he is a soul winner himself, adult Sunday School teacher at our church. I have been praying and praying on my own but I haven’t seen the Lord manifest any answers yet. I can’t go on like this – I want my husband back!

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