Please Pray for my healing


This is G.Nirmal writing to you from Chennai . I have been diagnosed with Urotherial bladder cancer and the tumour was surgically removed on April 13th . Now since the reports suggest the tumour has spread to nearby lymphnode (which is also removed) the doctors suspect that cancer could spread to elsewhere and I am currently undergoing Chemotherapy to ensure any cancer cell in my body is completely destructed . I have been prescribed with 8 chemotherapy and after 4 chemotherapy I will have to take a scan and see if Cancer cells are present elsewhere . First 2 chemotherapy has been completed and I have 2 more before I take the scan .

I have full faith in your prayer and request you kindly and wholeheartedly to pray for me and I am sure with the blessings and kindness of the Lord Almighty I will be free of this disease . I have attached my medical report herewith and I request you sir to pray for me to gather strength and completely recover from Cancer disease and return back to normal life .

I assure I will be true to my conscience and be faithful to the Lord everysecond of my life .