Please pray for my finances.i don’t know what is happening

by Suementa (Bequiast.Vincent And The Grenadines)

Please pray for my finances.i don’t know what is happening but Everytime I recieved my months salary,I end up with no surplus.i don’t even have money to pay my debts,my husband is away and he keeps sending me to his bank book and I’m tired,today is the 7th of this month and he have not send any money home for me,I also have a side job and upon till now the owner of the house(Mr. Steele ) have not paid me as yet,I don’t know what is going on. Last Friday my husband sent me to the bank and while I was there,who showed up in the bank was my husband sister(Molita) ,the one who practices witchcraft, she came in and I saw her, went to this lady( it is said this lady is an witch doctor) and my husband sisters seek her. I felt as if they both planned to show up in the bank to do something of evil.because my husband sister just stood there in the bank she didn’t even stand I. The line to go by the cashier,she just stood there in the bank and the lady (Alma) went to the cashier. Please pray for me that what’s ever they both did or is planning or if they both came to the bank to bring some negative spirit to hinder my finances I ask to please pray that God release my finances.i know something is wrong because my other boss Mr. Steele is never late when paying me and I don’t know what is going on right now, but I place it in the hands of God. Also I. Going to be traveling soon and I ask for God’s protection o Dr my life that I will succeed in my course to become a spa therapist. Please pray that everything works out in my favour that I can be successful. Please pray that Mr.Steele brings my money for me before the ending of this week and that my husband can send home money to pay the guy we ordered the materials from for our house. Please pray for my daughter she came home yes complaining of joint pain in her two knees and legs and her elbows also. Please pray for her that it’s not anything serious and that God provide the finances I need to take her to the doctor.its Ben a while I have not taken her for a check up. Please pray that everything is ok with her. She even told me that she saw some one in our room at the bed foot while we were sleeping,she recall if it was a dream or if she was conscious of what she saw,please I am asking for prayers for protection under roof where we live. And that God assign angels to drive this evil being from amongst our midst , please intercede fo is, because I think my husband sister(Molita) is trying to hinder my progress in life,in the mighty name of Jesus please pray that they do not succeed.please pray that our house be completed this year and that God will deliver me and my family from here.please pray that Molita, her witch doctor Alma and my husband other sisters please pray that their plots and plan fail in the mighty name of Jesus,that whatever time they have set for my hurt or my set back that Almighty God cancel it and send it back to the hands of the ones who is trying to stop my progress. Please pray for me that God will bless me before their eyes, let them see that their plans have failed.pray also for my son’s Temor and Asriel that God presence be with them at all times that his ultimate protectionis upon them keeping them safe from all harm and da her. Pray also for my husband that he wake up and release him self from that mind control his sister Molita have using against hi m.please pray that God release him

.thank you for your prayers please continue to keep me in your prayers. God bless you