Please Pray for My Family

by Lisah (Venice, Fl USA)

Dear Heavenly father

I beg of you please to save my marriage. he is my 1 true Love, the father of our child. His heart is hard, although he claims to love me he has moved in with a woman and her child (ren) after knowing her 5 months. we were trying to reconcile our marriage our family.
I am his wife, he is my husband, my one my onlwe are of one flesh, I beg of you Lord please send your devine influence place a hedge of thorns around my husband, convict both of them so she will loose interest depart and send my husband out of her life, fill my husband with Love for you God, a LOve to honor your word and soften his heart his mind with thoughts of His home, his family, his wife his child, PLease SAVE OUR MARRIAGE OUR FAMILY BRING my husband HOME TO US? I pray by the blood of your beautiful son Jesus.

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