Please pray for my family to bond and grow in Christ…

by Jennifer (Oklahoma United States Of America)

Please bond Mom Sharon, Dad Bob, Roberta, Robert, Mike, Sam and I together as a family and let the bond in Christ grow bright for all the world to see if this family can be brought together we could offer outstanding hope for others and be a great testimony for Christ.

We as individuals have done hurtful things to one another I pray with all my heart and all my might that we can all forgive each other the way Christ has forgiven each of us. I love these people and I want them to see how good we all are. Please pray with me. Thank you so much.

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  1. Faith

    Jennifer my prayers are with each one of you and your family
    Please go to church each Sunday let them know
    You will be there and anyone is welcome to join
    You but do not push let the Lord and your example
    Show the way

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