Please Pray for my family I love them and I bless them in the name of Jesus

by JG (Australia)

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for blessing me with my offspring. I love them and I bless them in the name of Jesus.

Father God I lift up my Daughter and my granddaughter to you right now. They have been going through some serious struggles in life. My daughter has been a drug user for years. She has now gone in a Christian recovery home. Thank God she’s doing really well and growing in Faith. Amen and thank you Lord.

God the sad thing is that her daughter is now rebellious and I recently heard that she’s pregnant. She’s 18 years old and still at school. She has also rebel against going to school. Father God You are our redeemer, Your our are rock and our salvation. Lord I also fear for her mental disability in this whole matter. There’s a serious cry for help and real love. God she don’t have her mum around and it makes things so much harder for her to bear. I am also not living close to them. I am living abroad, so its difficult for me to be there with her physically. She has also been going around with a few different boys. Lord this all started two months ago since her mum gone into the recovery home.

God I pray that You take hold of this situation. Lord touch my granddaughter with you gentle spirit Lord. Help her to lean hard against You Lord. Lord I also ask You to teach and help the people who’s taking care of her and to show them to love her.

Lord she needs You, please help her Lord, Show her direction, give her Your wisdom, give her Your strength. Lord You promise us that You will never leave or forsake us, so Lord I ask You not to leave or forsake her Lord. Lord please strengthen her while she has to face the abuse and the condemnation of the world. Help her to focus on her schoolwork. Help her to realise that she has You God.

Lord I ask all this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen