Please pray for My Daughter Very Ill with Borderline Personality Disorder

by Mother (New York, NY, USA)

Please add your prayers to mine, for my teenage sweet daughter, very ill and at the mercy of this very debilitating disorder. Its powerful impulsivity sometimes keeps her away from home, and possibly in risky situations, sometimes for weeks on end. She is miserable, suffering from the clinical low-self esteem that is a symptom of this illness.

Please pray that she can see the light and believe in herself, and to have faith that she can indeed experience joy in this lifetime, and that she is very worthy of happiness and fulfillment. The power of prayer brought her home to safety a few days ago, after two and a half weeks of being in unknown locations.

Anyone with a loved one with this disorder can understand what we are going through, and I pray for you too. Let us pray that she can get to her twenties in one piece. Amen

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