Please pray for my cousin Mark

by Julie (Renton, WA)

Please pray for my cousin Mark, age 55 who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to the brain (he has never smoked).

Mark survived colon cancer 5 years ago and has been feeling great. This diagnosis just came out of the blue and blindsided us all. He went to the doctor recently for some recurring dizziness he was having, which led to the current diagnosis.

Mark has done nothing but work hard to support his family, love and worship his family, and be the first one to help when someone needs it. If there ever was a salt-of-the-earth, honest, kind, stand-up guy, it’s Mark.

From what I am learning about his diagnosis, the prognosis is not good. Please pray with me for a miracle. If ever anyone deserves a miracle, it’s Mark and his loving wife and his son.

Please help me to help Mark,