Please pray for my brother who is dying of cancer at 41

by Dena (Modesto, CA)

I implore all who are reading this prayer request to pray to our Lord for a miracle. I am asking and begging our Lord for a miracle for my brother Nick, who is dying of cancer. He was diagnosed 9 months ago with an agressive lymphoma, and has been going through chemotherapy and many other types of drugs. One month ago he was turned down by Standford doctors for a bone marrow transplant, being that his cancer had progressed too far. We are now at a point where he does not recognize his family or his 13 year old son and wife. It is tortue for us to endure this suffering. The doctors cannot do anything more for him so he will be sent home this afternoon with Hospice care. I believe in miracles and am praying through Pope John Paul II for this miracle. I ask all who are reading to help join our prayers to God and ask God if it is His will that my brother be able to be cured of this terrible disease and that he live his days with his family, son and wife. Thank you all for this request. With all my heart, his sister.

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