Please pray for my best friends business

by :) (Caldwell, Id)

Please pray for my best friends business. He is always the kind of person that doesnt show any sign of worry or weakness, therefore his ministry is powerful and many lean on him for support. He knows his worth in the eyes of the lord and he never fails to give glory to God in personal and business relationships. He still remains one of the most humble business owners i may ever have the pleasure of knowing. I believe in him and everything that God wants for him. He doesnt ask for anything and God has always made sure he has what he needs. He was lead to take over the business after two very impotant mentore in his life were no longer able to do so and although young, he took on the responsibility graciously. He always says it is his ministry, not a business. I really want him to be able to keep his ministry while clocked on, throu the people that come through the doors of American Music. Please pray for my best friend (Tyler) and the financial struggles that he faces. It threatens something he has invested his heart into yet he faces those threats with a genuine smile and a blessing of outreach to others, through the word of our father. His faith is strong and his family always relys on the lord for everything. Your prayers are really appreciated and God bless. Anybody praying is family, Thank you.

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