Please pray for my belongings not to be spoilt by others

by Darla ()

I don’t make negative assumptions that people are treating me badly when they are not. I treat others with respect and courtesy. I’m putting things into context so you’ll understand. Earlier in 2018 in a local charity shop I checked a pair of PVC shorts over thoroughly before purchase. I remember thinking how perfect they were and there was definitely no hole in the crotch lining before I bought them. But then after I got them home but before wearing them for the first time I noticed there was a hole in the crotch! I think, especially as the attitude was not great towards me in that same shop from the staff, that it’s possible that the woman who served me at the till when I bought the PVC shorts damaged them at the point of sale. Now it’s bothering me that something similar has happened today as I got some red shoes from a different local charity shop, again, they were in immaculate condition when I checked them before purchase, but one of them is scuffed on the top now I have got the shoes home. Although mostly the women are nice in charity shops I have had the occasional problem with funny attitudes from women working in charity shops and that happened again today, I think she MAY have deliberately scuffed my shoe. So please pray that people won’t undermine me, because they have in various ways before.

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