Please pray for my 94 year old Father

by Heavensangel (Arizona)

Hello there

I am requesting prayers for my Father, who is still in the Hospital, fighting two infections, and possibly may need dialysis for his high creatine levels, due to the antibiotics…

I visited with my Father daily, and today, I stayed for three hours. He is very tired, as I do not think he slept much last night. But when he saw me, he gently waved, and tightly held my hand several times, as if to say, that he was very happy to see me….

His vitals are pretty much stable, except for his blood sugar, which is a little high, due to the breathing treatments he is receiving daily, and his blood pressure is a little high…

Please pray, that Our Sweet Heavenly Eternal Father God, will cover my Father with his blanket of peace tonight, that he will fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. Also, that his legs and back will not be hurting as he is in bed 24/7….

Also, please pray that my Father, will receive his appetite back, as he is not eating very much. Also that he will take his blood pressure medication with the apple sauce. He is so tired today, that the nurse could not get him to take his medicine…

Just as I was typing this prayer request, I felt my Sweet Heavenly Father God tell me….

That your Father will sleep better tonight

And your Father is being healed as I speak

Take heart, my Dear Daughter

Your Father will be Completely Healed of all Infections

His Kidney’s will become stronger

And will be coming home soon

He will become stronger and healthier

And will eventually become a candidate for repairing his aneurysm

Be at Complete Peace, My Beautiful Daughter

Your Father is Safe in my hands

And All IS Well

“Praise to YOU, My Sweet Father God!”

“I Thank YOU, My Sweet Father God!”

“And I Love YOU, My Sweet Father God!”

And thanks to all of YOU, for all of your sweet and caring prayers for my Father!

May OUR Sweet Father God Bless YOU, And I Love YOU All!