Please Pray for my 3 children and Grandchildren

by Meyers (AZ)

Dear Heavenly Creator, All 3 children are in their 30s,but I feel as if they are small again. My oldest and only daughter has 2 teens (1 boy&1girl).The boy has juvenile diabetis and one of those medical lables such as,Bi Polar and it’s tough trying to keep up with the 15

year old girl. To put the topping on the cake, my daughter lost her job,has a back problem and suffers with depression.

I pray for her sanity, health and stregnth. My second(son) ran with the wrong crowd
8 yrs ago and got locked up. He has 4 more to go. I pray for his sanity, protection and health in that place. My 3rd (son)also
has a depression problem and feels that he can deal with it because he doesn’t feel meds will help him. He also needs a job. For him I pray for you to guide him to the right professionals to seek help and a good job.

Dear Creator, while you are at it ,please send me some
strength to be able to cope with anything that comes
my way because all I do is worry about my Children and Grands. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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