Please pray for more bountiful blessings

by Suubi (Uganda)

Please pray for me. I am not happy at all my current job. I am a professional graduate and one of the brightest students in my class. but my current job doesn’t give me the opportunity to use my potential and talent and i often feel unworthy. Am sorry to say this but my boss gets involved in unprofessional deals yet as a subordinate am supposed to obey what she tells me.

I don’t earn alot, i hardly get by yet i have to buy my office internet to do my boss work and also renew my license in order to do my boss’ work. i get off work late. i don’t have lunch breaks always here.I have asked God over and over again to get me a new opening. I want to work for an honest employer, a well structured company. one befitting of me as a child of God.

Please pray for me that the Lord doesn’t pass me by this time. Please God please give me something.I have cried to you for three years.Please don’t pass me by this year. May the following year bring bountiful blessings, more than i have ever known. am patiently waiting Father. Thank U