by Jonathan Bunner ()

I need answered prayer for my wife to come home in 2 days begin the lower level of car process and discharge on the 28 at 9pm I have the Doctors name and number where she has to go, and I have a family living, arrangement for her me and the baby, Jesus make my presents in the next place a stronghold for the family, please Jesus help us reunite in Santa Ana with my Spouse. She needs to come out of Psych I hope they Government has great news when I call, God work a loving miracle with my Doctor, that he would provide a universal note for me and special request over the phone with the receptionist to have my wife come aboard at Windstone Mental Health God work miracles they invite Rizza in by my referral and take her paper work just I hope the paper work is more eaiser for her and they accept it it would bring her stability on Tuesday for me to call in he will, be there with his receptionist, God call off all the billshit from the Government with me and my father off Fathers and Mothers case, help Rita to understand I have a family my own daughter Im fighting for and a spouse, God tell Government the Bunners and Riveras Nichols and the other families are not Terriost there wrong, we are workers, God please keep our lives covered. Please pray I have miracle bonus Social Security Disbursement worked out, this week I will pay donation, if God puts all this in my Hands.

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