Please pray for me to retain my job!

by Donna Hughes ()

Please pray for me so that I can retain the job I have held for 18 years. In February of this year, my husband took ilL and almost died twice in two months. My work had asked what happened and I told them. They asked if there was anything they could do which I replied just Keep the hours coming. It was then that my hours diminished from 26 down to four.

After that, we were closed due to Covid for several months. Recently, they opened up again but only a few students and teachers. They did call me and asked me to come back and that they were excited to see me and for me to let them know if I could help out that week by Monday. Due to the fact that I was driving and could not respond, I emailed them as soon as I get home and that was way before the deadline.

It was at this time that I then received an email saying that they gave my student away to somebody else and that if they had any openings they would get back to me. A month later, I wrote back to see if I was able to go back and they gave me another nasty note saying that they told me previously if they have any openings they would keep me in mind.

The new company owner recently resold the company back to corporate and they are in the process of firing and then rehiring people. I have not heard either way whether I am staying or going or what’s happening. I don’t like to have to depend on some things so much but, I do depend on this job please pray for me that this is just an oversight and then I will be call back to a job that I’ve held for so long and have been dedicated to every step of the way. All reviews were good, I’m a team player, I attend all meetings and have done nothing wrong. I need all the prayers I can muster in the next few days so please pray for me. Amen

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