Please pray for me to get better

by Ellen (Galloway, NJ)

I have had 6 surgeries on my foot/ ankle in the past 5 years. One surgery has lead to another problem and another surgery. I have been in so much pain. I am a wife and mother of 2 children and have not been able to do much for them or myself in the past 3 years. I adopted one of my children 7 years ago and she has only seen me deal with surgeries and pain since she has been with us. I am now in a cast and have so much fear and anxiety of the “what if” the cast doesn’t work and I need to have another surgery. Pain is soooo depressing and exhausting.

Please pray for me to get better and have the strength to do so. I know God is in the drivers seat, Please pray he takes me down a beautiful sunny road where I can then get out ,open the door, walk freely without pain and take my beautiful daughter/s to the beach or anywhere and continue with my journey and mission on this earth.


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  1. Get Better

    I pray your foot heals and gets better, I pray you think nothing but positive thoughts and visualize a better foot,


  2. you are being tested

    We will all pray for are being tested so dont give up the lord is seeing how strong you are,he has picked this life for you and things will get are here for a purpose and your purpose was to adopt and give birth.the lord is with you every step of the way.god bless you and your family.xx

  3. You will be fine

    We all get very difficult and painful things in our lives. God knows if we truly love him he will help anyone in need. I pray for you.

  4. Thank you

    Thank you all SO much for your prayers. I know I am being tested as is my family. I am trying so darn hard to remain strong. I have surrendered to God, it is all in his hands. On a Happy note, I have a girlfriend who so reminds me of my Mom who passed many years ago and I have longed for her here. Yesterday my girlfriend came over and I cried like a baby on her shoulder for hours. I believe God sent her. She will be comeing over every day until I go back to the doctors next week.

    God doess work in mysterious ways.

    Please continue to pray and I give Thanks for all of you.

  5. prayer to get better

    I SAY TO YOU ARISE AND WALK IN JESUS NAME!You will over come this in JESUS.GOD is always with you.i will keep you in my prayers.GOD BLESS!

  6. In my prayers

    I pray that this lady gets better soon and lord I ask you to help her be well again and be strong – thank you

  7. I Will pray for you

    Dear Lord, help this woman overcome this problem with her foot. She has so many things she needs to do. I pray heavenly father that you give her your feet so she may carry on through the sands with her family. I know that you will help her dear father. Father also, give her what she needs to get her through this emotionally also. People need her to be strong for them also. Amen

  8. Your right to healing

    Jesus said “… Above ALL things I would (his will) that you prosper and be in health even as your souls prosper”. Healing is God’s will for us.You have the right to healing because it HAS BEEN PAID FOR when he bore the strips. The healing was made available for all. He said “by my stripes you WERE (past tense)healed”. Please understand that there are many things that can hinder your healing such as ought in your heart towards anyone, lack of forgiveness in your heart towards anyone. That even includes forgiving yourself, and etc. Lastly I would like to say he also knows the intent of your heart as to what you are going to use your healing for. Is it going to give God the glory (all the glory)? He said in Matt. 18:19 that “If two agree as touching anything (your foot healing) it shall be given by my Father which is in heaven” I’ll agree in prayer with you about your healing. Father, in the name of Jesus, I come in agreement for the healing of my sister’s foot. Your Word declares that if we decree a thing it shall be established. Right now we decree that her foot is healed in Jesus name and we will be careful to give you ALL the praise and glory in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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