please pray for me to get back my husband

by Shilpa (Shimoga,Karnataka,India)

Please help me. I am from India. Ours is love marriage and we both are from different religious.The religious issues made us to forget the love between us.

Its been 6 years from marriage and we have 5 months old baby. We both fought and argued very badly infront of both the parents .even parents were shocked that we both argue nd fight like this.
Whenever i call prade( my husband) he says we should seperate gracefully. Its really shocking for me. I sent our baby pics through what’s app. So he deleted the account. He is not able to see baby and dint even come to see baby since a month. I too did many sins, and i request God to forgive me for this.please help me god to get back my husband by this weekend. I love him lot., i realized many things ..i need my prade be back as a lovely husband . I want him to love me more than no one do for his wife .. And even i want to love him more than no wife do… Please god help me.. I just need back my Pradeep has a lovely husband. He calls me shillu with love.. I want him to call me as a shillu..when he callls next time. ., now he is full of ego,selfishness, and angry and not getting control on his mind… He says my head pain and bp goes high,if i call him . Please god vanish these things from him and give my prade back with lots of love in his heart for me and for our baby vivaan… Please God help me… Please i am praying every day and i want others to keep me in their prayer.. Please help me God.. Please give my Pradeep with so much of love for me nd baby. God please only u can handle this sad situation .. Please help me God.. I will bend myself to u god till my last breadth.,please give my Pradeep with lots of love for us.. Please god


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