Please pray for me to gain hope and Heath

by John (Cleveland Ohio)

Please pray that the girl and me get are life’s together and find the will power to overcome are addiction and that my grandfather finds some kind of happiness in his life, his wife of 64 years hads olds timers and dementia he cry all the time cuz she is in a nursing home and he thinks that she dose not know who he is but she dose but he is vary stubborn person the state gained custody of her and he is trying everything in his power to try and get her back he’s losing it he already had a nerves brake down stopped breathing and was on a machine for 2 days he was in the hospital for almost a month he has so much stress he is just losing it.. I hope that my health is ok and I don’t have some kind of death disease and its not curable and also my soon to be wife.

I need to get my life back on track and start being there for my kids and have my Heath to live long so I can help as many people as I can in life. There’s so much to say I would be here all night thanks for reading my request and god bless I need to keep the faith in god .

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