Please pray for me to become pregnant

by Fiona (Dublin)

Please pray for me and my husband to hear the good news soon that where having a baby as we are trying to conceive the last 3 years and still there’s no sign of pregnancy and at the end of every month does be very disappointment . Please keep us in your prayers as we would really love to start a family of our own just to hear the beautyness of child’s laughter running around everyday knowing that this healthy child is ours to have the lovely nature of experience parent hood and to rare a child of our own for the rest of our lives would be so wonderful. I believe in god lord Jesus which is why I don’t want to give up hoping and praying to carry a baby for nine months and be the best mum I can be and to make my husband a dad would mean the world to me. Please pray for me to become pregnant soon it would mean more than words can speak if it comes true. I hope that god will hear my prayers and answer my request of becoming a mom. Amen.

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