Please pray for me, that I learn to love in God’s way and open my heart

by Frances (St. Louis)

I love my fiance’ dearly. He is my best friend and my brother in Christ. We have many similarities but many differences as well and we often lack the right understanding to clearly communicate with each other. During these times we experience a lot of stress, anxiety and tension. Sometimes to the point of becoming heavily depressed and ill. We agree that God has brought us together to accept and love one another, that we have a long-term purpose with each other. We have been through so much, we have many similar goals and dreams to help our families and community together. We settle, comfort and advise each other. We have mentally hurt each other but work through our problems over time, we learn from our mistakes, forgive our past tribulations, we pray and try to stay close to each other in spirit, but we also feel that the jealousy and temptations of Satan are trying to pull us apart. Sometimes I feel as if our relationship is too good to be true. I have never felt so spiritually bonded to someone and it scares me. I believe that God my Father is protecting me and us and is showing us how to love each other and grow, but I am consistently being attacked with negative thoughts, mistrust, and sorrow. I ask God and He consoles me daily but I still feel weak and full of anxiety that something is going to tear us apart. I fear that it may even be my own thoughts and insecurities! Please pray for me, that I learn to love in God’s way and open my heart to take my eyes from my needs to serve my best friend. He is growing, has so much love in his heart and deserves so much love in return..