please pray for me pray that God delivers me from the lustful thoughts

by Charles (Webster,Tx)

hello please pray for me pray that God delivers me from the lustful thoughts i dont want see anyone else but my wife stephanie please pray that we only see each other as beautiful and that God blesses us with a beautiful child speedily .Also pray for concerning my job I work in mattress sales for a company called mattress one I work in La Porte texas just started at this store it has been a top 2 store in the company please pray that God would help me get along with the manager here Ben and that I would be very successful here and remain a top 5 salesman in the company for not a month or a week but for years or until Jesus moves me to a better company for me in Jesus name and let me pull my weight here and the days I go to different stores to sale that I be successful in Jesus name pray that sales mind frame is with me daily when I work.Also pray that I become one of the top 5 salesman speedily and consistently in Jesus name pray that me and my family have a good time in Florida this summer and safe flight there and back and favor favor favor from God please with every customer to.And also that my confidence comes back and stays i been down since not selling big mattresses and its been a little slow the past 2 weeks in sales for me .

me overcome being alcohol dependant in Jesus name as well.And also a closer walk with Jesus and to be more like him and to be a good husband to Stephanie in Jesus name.Pray i succeed at mattress one until a plant job calls me for a high a paying operator position I have an associates degree in Process Technology I have not used also pray for my health in Jesus name good organs health no diseases etc.And please pray for my wife Stephanie let everything go right and that she gets favor on her job also let God show her that tithing is the right thing to do.Let God help me protect and treat her like the queen he made her in my life as well and also good health for your family as well.

Also pray for my mother she really hates her job and shes having surgery for a tumor in her arm and also for my grandmother and her health.Pray for my fire and drive to come back at work and bless me to be at the right place at the right time IN Jesus Name!No race war here in the United States peace on all soils including the Usa and Jesus to rapture his church soon!