Please pray for me. My partner and I had a big fight and for no reason

by Sudeep (Gurgaon, Haryana, India)

Please pray for me. My partner and I had a big fight and for no reason. We were going along well planning our future and everything. She suddenly decided to not part away. I know I must have done something wrong. Please pray for us to get back together.

I thought maybe I could overcome the situation. But then it’s been almost a year now. I tried several ways to forget her, but I couldn’t. I tried getting involved with new projects at work, consulted a psychiatrist spoke to people. Nothing has worked. Now I’m at a stage where I’ve lost my sanity. I’ve left my job. Left my parents, relatives, friends everyone. And now only left with pain. I’ve also attracted a lot of hate, diseases and what not.
I tried getting spells cast which did not work only realising it was wrong and asked those people to stop doing so.
I started praying. But even that did not work. Coz I lost all hopes.
I started using intoxicating substance. Still nothing has worked.
I have now come with just one last hope that Jesus will fix everything. I’ve lost my patience now and if things don’t work fine and me and my partner don’t get back together, I’ve only one option left is to quit life.
I don’t know what is wrong or what is right. All I know is that all my things would be fixed only if our broken relation is healed in Jesus name.
Please pray for my situation.