Please pray for me & my ex-husband & restoration of my marriage

Please pray for me & my husband and restoration of my marriage, and I still say husband because despite the divorce, something I didn’t consult with God about, we have continued to live together and maintain a life as husband and wife. My husband has left the home several times and would go live with other women then would come back home once these things don’t work out. I’ve dealt with a lot of infidelity & adultry, these sins have plagued our marriage.

My husband also have a terrible gambling problem. I’ve been standing on the word of God because I know God can restore my marriage and make it new. My husband has left again and is in the home of another woman plus there’s women via Facebook that he’s maintaining a relationship with. My husband is in such darkness and living life blindly. God said, “do everything within your power to reconcile” & “God also hate divorce”. What God has joined together let no one separate and I’ve continued to deal with these counterfeits / women that the enemy places within my husbands path but my husband doesn’t see it. I pray that God give my husband a new heart & open his eyes to the truth and for him to deliever him from these sins.

I pray that God give my husband a fresh love for me & that my husband begin to see me as God will have him to see me and for my husband to have God’s heart towards me. I’m asking everyone for prayer because their is power in prayer. Thanks.

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  1. Hang in there

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, I’m kinda in the same situation. But I hang in there because I love him

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